ChocoZoo by Mama’s Bakes

ChocoZoo created by Mama’s Bakes, is a healthy and delicious chocolate bar made specifically for kids. It is created with nutritious and locally sourced ingredients, free of harmful additives, artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives. The chocolate used in ChocoZoo contains 0% refined sugar, making it a healthier option compared to other chocolate bars on the market.

ChocoZoo comes in child-friendly packaging, designed to appeal to kids. The combination of high-quality chocolate, healthy ingredients, and fun packaging makes it a great choice for parents who want to give their kids a treat that they can feel good about.

  • ChocoZoo by Mama’s Bakes is currently enrolled in the REAF program

Team Members

Christina Banna / Co-Founder

Rami Ghanem / Co-Founder