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Dry & Raw

Healthy Food

Dry and Raw is a unique boutique food concept conceived from the heart of nature to provide Lebanese and international customers with premium natural and organic food products from Lebanon.

Dry and Raw is currently producing more than 600 unique food items in-house using organic and naturally grown products from its farm in Southern Lebanon.

They are considered as one of the first food boutique in Lebanon to produce seeds, nuts oils, and foreign-style cheeses. Dry and Raw has offered new food trends to the Lebanese clientele and provided better quality with affordable prices as a substitute to many costly imported food goodies.

Dry and Raw strongly believes in environmental and social responsibility by eliminating the use of plastic, encouraging recycling, and engaging in several food donation activities to people in need. They share their passion for food and reflect their spirit through their daily lives by cultivating, recycling, composting, loving nature, and being environmentally conscious.

Since August 2020, Dry & Raw embarked on producing more than 36 types of EU, UK, and US cheeses, gaining recognition and appreciation amongst its large network of customers whether individuals or businesses. Currently, Dry and Raw are proposing to create an allocated cheese production/aging facility to triple current cheese production and to create good visibility to attract bigger investments.

    Team Members

    Nabil Khoury / Owner