Ebizproduction is active in the design, development and deployment of a range of solutions in the web development and web marketing areas.

Ebizproduction is active in the design, development and deployment of a range of solutions in the web development and web marketing areas. The company is based in Beirut – Lebanon and Marseilles – France and has sales activities in Europe and the Middle East.

Ebizproduction mainly works for online publishers, companies and organizations with large web concerns such as e-commerce
sites, online media, communities and public institutions. Our diverse areas of competence allow us to oversee web-based
projects throughout their life cycle.

In 2009 Ebizproduction launched www.bluedrop.fr as a commercial brand to introduce and market its Drupal expertise on the
French market.

Ebizproduction has a team of expert Drupal engineers and developers. As Project managers, UX/UI designers, front-end developers, back-end developers, Dev-Ops and System administrators, we have extensive experience in the development of Drupal-based projects. Bluedrop-ebizproduction assists you from project inception and specifications through performance and security audits.

Some references :
We have been using Drupal since 2007, please visit our site for a full list of references.

http://www.rtm.fr/ RTM operates the fully integrated public transportation network in Marseille France. Drupal 6, 7 and 8 in progress. (UX/UI for D8, Vue.js, Phalcon, Integration with IS, users and content migration, mobile versions, for the main site and a host of others under RTM umbrella)

http://acensi.fr/ Drupal 8 (UX/UI, information architecture, theming responsive)

​​http://www.osezlej1.fr D8 (UX/UI, theming responsive)

​Intranet for World Wildlife Fund​ France http://intranetwwf.wwf.fr/ Drupal 8 (UX/UI, Information architecture, module IPTC, theming responsive, advanced user management)

http://www.groupe-samse.fr/ Drupal 8 (UX/UI, information architecture, theming responsive)

http://www.starsofscience.com/ Drupal 7 (UX/UI, information architecture, theming responsive, bilingual English/Arabic)

http://data.montpellier3m.fr/ Drupal 7 (Dkan, Data migration from City of Montpellier, automated data integration from the government information system)

Assistance Publique des Hopitaux de Marseille http://fr.ap-hm.fr/ Drupal 7 (UX/UI, Advanced Solr integration, information architecture, theming responsive)
http://excellence.ap-hm.fr/fr Drupal 7 multi-site, UX/UI, Infinite scroll, Responsive theming

Custom Solutions http://www.customsolutions-marketing.com/ Drupal 7, Panoply distribution, Contributed Modules, Multilingual

Cisbio Bioassays SA http://www.cisbio.com Drupal 7, Advanced Solr integration, Custom developments, Performance optimizations, Multilingual

Région Ile de France PR https://www.iledefrance.fr/presse D7


    Team Members

    Yann Rotil / Engineer