Edmond Chidiac

USJ - Director of Career and Placement Office & Director of the Competencies and Entrepreneurship Center (EC2)

Edmond started his career in France, where he worked in an Insurance Company. He got back to Lebanon in 1998 and got a teaching position at USJ, where he taught History and International Relations.

In 2013, he was appointed to lead the Career and Placement Office at the university. He soon realized that Entrepreneurship was a short way to getting professional skills and started initiating workshops about Entrepreneurship and organized several competitions on this topic. Then, he submitted a project that was accepted in 2019 to create a Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation at USJ.

Meanwhile, he worked as well as an entrepreneur. He took advantage of his background in History and created his own company in 2013, GeneLeb, specialized in genealogical research: history of families, genealogy, and emigration.

He takes great pleasure in helping students and young graduates become Entrepreneurs and launch their own businesses. This passion provides him a lot of satisfaction, since he feels he can bring something to someone’s career.

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