Face Shield

The team at the Berytech Fab Lab has designed and successfully prototyped a face shield, a PPE device to help protect healthcare professionals to safely deal with COVID-19 cases.

HealthTech Solutions Initiative

Berytech is welcoming in its Digital Fabrication Lab anyone and any team working on a Health Technology solution that can respond immediately to the Coronavirus crisis and the current emergency medical needs for Lebanon. The Berytech Fab Lab team worked on the Face Shield project under the HealthTech Solutions Initiative.

The Face Shield Prototype

Healthcare professionals’ faces have been reported to be the body part most commonly contaminated by splashes, sprays and spatter of body fluids.

Using a face shield provides a barrier protection to the facial area and related mucous membranes (eyes, nose, lips), which may reduce the chances of the medical staff being infected. But, due to the high demand on face shields, hospitals and clinicians may suffer as suppliers may not be able to provide the quantity that the market needs.

After prototyping and testing many face shields, the Berytech Fab Lab team decided to make a face shield that combines the headband of the Proto Shield, which is inspired by the Prusa face mask, and the shield of this open source prototype that covers the face very well from all sides. “We ended up with our unique design. The final product covers the face very well, and it has a comfortable and practical headband,” explains Wael Khalil, Berytech Fab Lab Coordinator.

Material Used

Material: 20 shields can be cut from a 205cm × 125cm × 0.5mm thick sheet of PETG, a 30cm long, 2cm wide elastic band, with an approximate cost of $1.20 /per mask.

Size: Dimensions are approximately 40cm × 30cm

Machine: Laser Cutter, it takes 3.38 min to laser cut using 0.5 mm PETG sheet

Shipping details: Shipped without assembly, as parts that can be easily assembled locally

The DXF file can be found here.


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    Team Members

    Wael Khalil / Berytech Fab Lab Coordinator

    Issa Chebaro / Berytech Fab Lab Technician