Fares Kobeissi

Bluering Chairman and CEO

Fares is the Chairman and CEO of Bluering s.a.l., a leading software company in the Levant specialized in Credit Risk Automation, and the regional partner of Standard & Poors risk management company. He is on his third entrepreneurial venture and received several regional and international awards in software products excellence.

Fares is the founder and President of the Association of Lebanese Software Industry (ALSI), a board member of the LAU Computer Science Advisory Council and has participated in the creation of several diverse associations.

He was directly involved in many private and public sector initiatives related to ICT in Lebanon, such as the drafting of the National E-Strategy, drafting of the law for recruitment of IT employees in the government, drafting the e-transaction law, reviewing public procurement policies and procedures, reviewing WTO agreements, and many others. He was also part of several official delegations and a speaker in a number of local and regional conferences.

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