Farming Bee

Farming Bee is a startup committed to developing and implementing a bee breeding program that benefits beekeepers and promotes the health of bee populations. The program is designed and implemented by passionate beekeepers who have extensive experience in beekeeping and are knowledgeable about bee genetics. The startup aims to provide beekeepers with a diverse range of queen bee breeds, each with unique characteristics that can help address specific challenges in beekeeping. By breeding bees with desirable traits, such as disease resistance, honey production, and colony survival, the Farming Bee program promotes the long-term health and success of bee populations, and supports the beekeeping industry as a whole.

Through its breeding program, Farming Bee offers beekeepers access to queen bees that have been selectively bred for desirable traits. This ensures that beekeepers have access to bees that can improve their productivity and help them overcome challenges associated with beekeeping. Additionally, Farming Bee’s program is designed to promote sustainable beekeeping practices by breeding bees that are better adapted to their local environments and less reliant on artificial inputs. The startup’s breeding program is an innovative solution that combines science, technology, and a passion for beekeeping to help promote the health and success of bee populations.

  • Farming Bee is currently enrolled in the REAF program

Team Members

Wissam Bou Hamdan / Co-Founder

Jad Abou Hamdan / Co-Founder