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Fattoria Del Sole

Fresh Italian Cheese From Artisanal Factory

Fattoria del Sole (Factory of the Sun) produces fresh Italian cheese in an artisanal factory without any automated machines. They produce more than 17 different kinds of fresh Italian cheese such as: Fresh Mozzarella, Mozzarella Light, Cherry Mozzarella, Mozzarella Di Bufala, Mozzarella Rouleau, Mozzarella Sheet, Burrata, Scamorza, Affumicata, Provolone, Aged Provolone, Ricotta, Taleggio, Gorgonzola, Strachino, Pecorino, and Caprino.

Every item produced in Fattoria del Sole factory has been tested, tasted, and selected as the best products to offer their customers. They offer cheese store concepts that provide the best brands in quality, taste, and sustainability.

    Team Members

    Jad Rizk / Chief Development Officer