G Algae

G Algae is an algae farm startup, that produces Spirulina in raceway ponds with minimal raw materials utilizing river water and compost to grow Spirulina.

Since Spirulina has a very high growth rate and is considered one of the best types of algae, it can be harvested in a couple of weeks thanks to photosynthesis. It uses a huge amount of CO2 from the air during this process therefore it helps fight climate change.

The Spirulina is separated from water through a centrifugal machine and the clean water is used for irrigation. After drying the spirulina, it is ground into a powder ready for packaging. It is considered a superfood since it is loaded with antioxidants, protein, and vitamins that support the human body’s immune system, aid in weight loss, and fight disease.

  • G Algae is currently enrolled in the Agrytech program

Team Members

Jinane Tannous / Co-Founder

Chady Ayoubi / Co-Founder

Layla Mkhader / Co-Founder