G.H.T. Trading

G.T.H. TRADING, established in 2014, operates from a strategic location in Zahle, Bekaa, specifically in Taalabaya. The company’s core mission revolves around the procurement of raw fruits, vegetables, herbs, raw nuts, and grains directly from local farmers. These locally sourced ingredients are then transformed into high-quality convenience food products and distributed to esteemed establishments such as hotels and hospitals.
G.T.H. TRADING has several goals to be achieved soon. Firstly, the establishment of a retail shop offering a diverse range of premium items, including high-quality grains, pulses, frozen vegetables, raw nuts, and herbs. Secondly, to export top-tier Lebanese food products to a wider audience.
G.T.H. TRADING offers a diverse product range, featuring popular items such as zaatar, sumac, various herbs and spices, cumin, Aisha Khanum Beans, garlic, onion, chickpeas, green peas, olives, assorted raw nuts, and conveniently packed Lebanese bulgur.

    Team Members

    Georges Al Haiby / Owner