Ghassan Kozah

IT Consultant, Inventor and NGO volunteer

After a 44-year long journey, I am finally home. No, I am not the prodigal son returning home. I have only come back so I can embark on yet another journey, a new, adventurous and exciting one that should keep me right here, well within the shores of Lebanon.

I left Beirut at 19, studied abroad, and started a land-development company in Texas in 1982. A year later, I met Tracy. She was my scuba-diving student. We got married in 1986, had 2 wonderful sons and a grandson.

In the 90s, I worked in Paris as an IT consultant. I also co-invented a device to quickly measure buildings. The venture collapsed in 2000. Soon after marrying, Tracy and I volunteered for many years as Board members for US non-profit organizations.

In 2015, Tracy was diagnosed with cancer. She passed away last year, leaving a big void in our lives. I am now back home, semi-retired, and looking for meaningful opportunities to contribute and volunteer in my own country. As I said, my new journey has just begun.

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