Golden Jar

Golden Jar, established in 2022, is situated in Housh Al-Amara within the Industrial City of Zahle. The company is dedicated to renewing and honoring the traditional Lebanese art of food manufacturing by utilizing sustainable local natural ingredients and incorporating modern technology.
Golden Jar’s diverse product portfolio includes pickles such as Makdous, cucumber, mixed vegetables, hot peppers, turnips, pickled eggplant, olives, thyme, jams, tomato paste, different types of blossoms and syrups, pomegranate molasses, olive oil, grain packaging, and tahini. Notably, 80% of the products consist of vegetables, while the remaining 20% comprises preserves and other offerings.
The company owns a two-story property, with the first floor serving as the operational lab and the second floor utilized for storage, housing goods, machines, and administrative offices. The dedicated team includes 3 full-time male employees, 8 full-time female employees, and both part-time male and female workers, with some non-Lebanese staff members.
Golden Jar is currently expanding its reach by entering both local and international markets, marking significant achievements in its journey.

    Team Members

    Antoine Kassab / Co-Founder

    Victor Nassar / Co-Founder

    Julie Haddad / Co-Founder