Hachem Dairy

Hachem Dairy Farm is a family-owned enterprise that originated in 2008 when the proprietors resolved to produce dairy products from their goat farm.

Situated in Hasbaya-el-Metn, a pastoral region where agriculture is the primary source of subsistence for most of the population, the company have recently diversified the product portfolio to include various items sourced not only from goat’s milk but also from cow’s milk procured from local small-scale farmers. This strategic decision was made by the second generation when they assumed greater responsibility in the business.

The business is divided into two main departments: the dairy farm and the dairy factory, where approximately 400 L of milk is processed daily, producing around 65 tons of traditional Lebanese dairy products each year. Among these products are Labneh, Yogurt, Keshek (cows and goats), and several types of cheese (Halloum, Double crème , Feta, Akkawi, Baladi, Mozzarella, Kashkaval etc).

    Team Members

    Wissam Hachem / Founder