Hajjar Food SAL (Go Baladi)

Organic goat dairy products

“Go BALADI” is a new venture founded in 2015, leading Natural goat dairy, producing authentic and innovative products in a sustainable ecosystem, enhancing the shepherds’ community’s ecological, social, and economic values in rural areas.

Go Baladi started with the idea of producing goat dairy given the food scandals that besieged the Lebanese consumers back then. Go Baladi’s first product was the traditional goat labneh in olive oil with goat milk from Sannine Mountain. Then after, they introduced their fresh goat line (labneh spread, laban, Halloum, and double cream).

Go Baladi business model is built on mainstreaming small-scale trade with family farms in rural areas into a value chain development strategy that promotes healthy eating.

    Team Members

    Joelle Hajjar / Co-founder & Production Manager

    Andre Hajjar / Co-Founder