Irma & Co SAL / Kamakian

Irma and Co was founded in 2005. Products and services offered by Irma are food production of several different items, and ownership and full operation of several restaurants. Irma mainly produces Armenian specialized products such as pepper powder, pepper paste, Sujouk spices, Basterma and its spices, molasses, and several other Armenian touched products.

In 2012 Irma opened Batchig Antelias restaurant that was a very successful step for the company. In 2017, Irma has enlarged the production premises which englobes catering services, frozen products lines, and a production unit for the outlets owned or franchised related to Fig holding inside and outside Lebanon. Fig Holding was created in 2008 to franchise all over the world. With nationwide fame, big business success, and a long history in franchising, Fig Holding currently has all the requirements to expand further and broader.

Irma’s mission is to spread the Armenian Lebanese food heritage to the world by opening restaurants in different regions around the world and exporting their food products to different markets worldwide.

    Team Members

    Aline Kamakian / Founder