Joseph Otayek

Apis Health Consulting Group - Founding Partner

Joseph Otayek is the Managing Partner of APIS Health Consulting Group and has over 20 years of professional experience in Healthcare: policy making, strategy and management in the MENA and GCC regions. He was awarded the decoration of knight in the French National Order of Merit in 2007.

He is the founding partner of Apis Health Consulting Group, a consulting and management firm specialized in healthcare policy making, strategy definition and implementation and management services.

Joseph has over twenty-seven years of experience in this industry. He held different CEO positions in university teaching hospitals and is currently consulting for various healthcare institutions. Joseph’s main areas of interest are strategy and governance, finance and operations. He was nominated by Minister Karam Karam as healthcare financing system expert in the commission that designed the reform of the Healthcare Sector in Lebanon.

He developed for the Ministry of Health the project of introducing palliative care in the panel of services covered by the government and by the insurance companies and made available to patients in Lebanon.

He performed studies for WHO and the Lebanese Ministry of Health to evaluate the impact of the refugee’s crisis on the Public Hospitals and propose alternatives.

Joseph holds an MBA from INSEAD, a postgraduate diploma (DESS) in biomedical engineering from Compiegne University in France and a Bachelor of engineering from American University of Beirut.

For 17 years Joseph was board member in Saint Joseph University in Beirut and used to teach yearly in the MBA program (Healthcare).

Two years ago, he developed a course on Healthcare Eco Systems at ESA Business School in Beirut that is witnessing great interest from MBA students because of its uniqueness.

During his career Joseph introduced many innovations in the Healthcare delivery industry specially in the areas of governance, segregation of duties, financing operations, financing investments, marketing.

His major area of interest is governance of Healthcare systems: Healthcare is a right of all citizens, cost of healthcare is in constant growth, traditional market rules (law of supply and demand) do not regulate the market since you have two additional players in addition to the seller and the buyer that are the prescriptor and the payer. Therefore, in order for this system to perform properly you need to have a fifth player which is the regulator. The governance system is still to be determined, each country trying to find the model that best adapts to its culture and habits. Another of its area of interest is the transformation of the Healthcare concept from Health as a risk to Health as an asset, this through empowering the patient and the community into health protection and wellness development.

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