Kiss the Spoon

Kiss the Spoon is a health movement that was translated into a kitchen that offers to the end users (via delivery and walk-ins) oatmeals, smoothie bowls and drinks, puddings, open Sourdough toasts and buns, salads, lunch wraps, and big range of sweets/snacks.

This latter is the cherry on top and includes chocolate oat balls, date crumbles, dipped and filled dates, cakes, cupcakes, and cookies. They are also distributed into 16 business points of sale. Their aim is to link food to nourishment, natural medicine, pleasure, and culture and to get a positive after-feeling in the gut mood and energy.

The macronutrients of each item they produce are balanced. Their presence on social media is strong and focuses on spreading awareness of health and well-being and promoting their menu.

  • Kiss the Spoon is currently enrolled in the Agrytech program

Team Members

Tania Koujou / Co-Founder

Wissam Beydoun / Co-Founder