Mawasemna Food Industries SAL, established in August 2021 and nestled in Al Bire, West Beqaa, is a pioneering food processing company with a mission to produce nourishing, thoughtfully prepared foods of uncompromised quality that customers can trust. The company envisions itself as a trend-setting force in the food processing industry, delivering innovative and convenient products that cater to various consumer preferences and income brackets. Operating with a strong commitment to social responsibility, Mawasemna actively contributes to the community it serves.
Specializing in vegetable-based products, with pickled items as their best-selling products, Mawasemna is dedicated to offering a diverse range of products in easy-to-use and environmentally friendly packaging. The facility, initially funded by the EU and UKAID and entrusted to the union of municipalities known as the Castle of Independence, has been leased by Mawasemna for 15 years.

    Team Members

    Hassan Itani / General Manager