Meals on Wheels

Meals on Wheels, established in 2017 in Bekaa Qab Elias, is dedicated to simplifying the lives of individuals by providing traditional food processing services. The company’s mission is centered on saving time and effort for women and employees, while its vision extends to meeting market needs, creating new demands, and contributing to women’s economic growth, time efficiency, and sustainability.
Meals on Wheels brings added value to the market by streamlining the entire process of food production through females coming from rural areas, from marketing and manufacturing to packaging and easy delivery of high-quality products. Specializing in both Lebanese and Brazilian pastries, the company utilizes various wheat varieties to create a diverse range of offerings. Notably, Meals on Wheels excels in preparing legumes such as peas, beans, bemye, mloukhiye, and grape leaves, delivering them ready for use. Additionally, the company provides makdous, kishk, and tomato jam, and several other tomato-based products.
One of the distinguishing features of Meals on Wheels is its expertise in frozen foods, offering a variety of frozen vegetables and legumes. The best-selling products from the company include sorted peas, separated pastries, kibbeh kishk, tomato jam, makdous, and vine leaves. Through its commitment to quality and convenience, Meals on Wheels continues to make a significant impact in simplifying culinary experiences for its customers.

    Team Members

    Diana Baalbaki / Founder