ORB facial recognition & fever screening System

ORB is a security facial recognition system with thermal screening to detect fever in an individual, coupled with mobile and web applications for quick notification.

What is it?

ORB is an all-in-one security system coupled with facial recognition and fever screening. It identifies possibly infected people that show a fever, and protects the premises in two modes:

  • Authorizing/denying entry to individuals.
  • Notifications via mobile and web application to alert premises’ security if individual entering is recognized (Facial Recognition) and if the person has a fever (Thermal Screening).


The Problem

Areas with high traffic are increasingly susceptible to being epicenters of infection. It is easy for one or more infected individuals to spread diseases such as COVID-19 to hospital staff, residents in residential complexes, and crowded workplaces. Since fever is present in 98% of all symptomatic COVID-19 patients, undetected people with mild to high fever entering the premise pose a significant risk to other individuals.


Why we need it

Property owners, workplace managers and hospitals are currently using non-contact infrared thermometers to screen individuals before entering their premises. The current method is manual and highly susceptible to human error. It also requires a social presence, which puts the screening employee at risk.

ORB automates the manual process after being installed at the entrance. It does that by detecting the face and running a thermal scan.


Proposed design

The prototype works with a high-resolution camera module for facial detection and recognition, and the MLX90640 thermal camera module for thermal screening, and raspberry PI 4 as the initial module because of its specifications (built-in Wi-Fi and ethernet modules for sending HTTP requests with the output of the data analyzed).

HD Camera


Approximate Requirements for The Prototype

  • Raspberry Pi 4
  • 2 inch LCD Display Model
  • 5v Power supply adapter USB-C W/switch
  • Raspberry Pi camera V2 8MP
  • Thermal Imaging Camera / IR Array MLX90640 55 degree, or any similar module with the same or more temperature accuracy index
  • Dedicated servers for handling data
  • 3D printing the product enclosure

These modules are used for prototyping. Once the product is ready for mass production, ORB will have its own PCB. The PCB is currently being designed and can be produced locally.


How it works

After installing the system at the premises, ORB activates and automatically detects whether or not a person is facing it. ORB operates at two modes, depending on the client’s choice:

  • Smart Doorbell mode – Identifies whether or not a person is authorized to enter the premises using facial recognition. It scans their body temperature to permit entry if the individual’s body temperature is average and the system recognizes the face – used in closed workspaces, hospital staff, private residential complexes, etc.
  • Fever detection mode – Only detects a human face and scans its body temperature without the security features of the latter. In case a fever is detected, ORB sends a security alert to the responsible person with a snapshot of the person’s face. Examples include malls, large supermarkets, and public institutions.

    Team Members

    Jad Adnan

    Bilal Zahalan

    Perla Tannoury