Quarantine Centers Platform

Berytech has developed a platform to list quarantine centers, giving users the flexibility to search by district and in English and Arabic.

Berytech is welcoming anyone and any team working on a Health Technology solution that can respond immediately to the Coronavirus crisis and the current emergency medical needs for Lebanon. The Berytech team worked on the Quarantine Centers Platform under the HealthTech Solutions Initiative.

Why Quarantine Centers Platform?

After the Corona Pandemic hit Lebanon, securing quarantine centers became mandatory to maintain general public health. This need increased after the government decided to assist Lebanese citizens in affected areas to return back to Lebanon.

Many organizations have volunteered to host quarantined patients. Nonetheless, this operation is not that simple, WHO recommendations should be implemented in those centers, so we do not cause an outbreak instead of providing support.

Myrna Doumit – the President of the Order of Nurses in Lebanon, in collaboration with Secretary General of the Supreme Council of Defense, Major General Mahmoud Al Asmar, who is also head of the Governement’s disaster committee, are screening the centers to verify which ones are ready to host patients.

Citizens unfortunately have gotten lost in the process and couldn’t locate the verified quarantine centers in their areas. Therefore, Berytech decided to step-in, and create a platform that will provide this list of quarantine centers to citizens, while giving them the flexibility to search by district and in both languages: English and Arabic. This project is being implemented in partnership with the Disaster committee and Corona committee working with the government.

It is split into two sub-projects

  1. Public platform for citizens
  2. Private platform for concerned people to monitor number of beds/rooms still available in those facilities with status of hosted patients

Platform Implementation Progress

The Platform is live, awaiting latest data. The technical platform aims to list certified quarantine centers. The solution is already rolled-out. It has been developed using the latest optimized technology, that will allow it to be scalable, extendable, and customizable based on potential future requirements.

The application is split into two layers

  • Users website
  • Admin website

Both sites are connected to ensure the display of updated data on the website and can be found in both languages: Arabic and English: http://quarantinecenters.com


Users Website

This main website that displays the data to end users who are searching for quarantine centers within their region of availability. The quarantine center’s information is added manually by the ministry representatives after verifying the corresponding center. Each center needs to comply with specific hygiene and security standards to be listed.

The center is also subject to availability captured by a designated nurse and supervised by a regional ministry doctor.

The users can search the website by selecting the corresponding governorate, district, and location availability then will contact the relevant center to make the reservation.

After each day, the corresponding assignees will update the available data using the administrator website.


Administrator website

The administrator can update the data in the system directly only, by adding updating or deleting centers using the following URL: http://quarantinecenters.com/admin.

The site admin will be able to update the center title, phone, email, capacity, availability, location, nurses, doctors, supervisors, and corresponding governorate and district. The site admin will also be able to update the center displayed image.


Next Steps

We need to update data and announce it to the public.

The data will be gathered and updated by the official committee with collaboration with the ministry of public health and will be sent for the update. Berytech will gather user feedback and apply the corresponding improvements to the website.

The system will include at a later stage the ability to let the nurses and doctors fill forms about the number of residents and their corresponding status; those forms will be processed by the ministry.

    Team Members

    Myrna Doumit / President of the Order of Nurses

    Major General Mahmoud Al Asmar / Secretary General of the Supreme Council of Defense

    Salah Awad / Deputy Program Director, ACT Smart Innovation Hub

    Sarah Abdallah / Social Entrepreneur