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Ramy’s Ecological Farm Permaculture

Ramy’s Ecological Farm is a pioneering ecological farm in Lebanon that aims to impact the food security crisis on an environmental and social scale. As the first typical ecological farm in the country, the farm has had a large impact on farming and agriculture, women’s engagement and opportunities, youth empowerment, and eco-friendly and sustainable projects to enhance and protect natural resources.

What started as a small business has grown into a comprehensive project that engages in food processing, education, agriculture and farming, ecotourism, and much more. Through its various activities, Ramy’s Ecological Farm is making a significant contribution to the development of sustainable farming practices in Lebanon. By promoting ecological farming, the farm is not only improving food security but also creating opportunities for women and youth, and promoting eco-tourism in the country.

  • Ramy’s Ecological Farm Permaculture was previously enrolled in Batch 1 of the REAF program.

Team Members

Ramy Badawi / Co-Founder