Rima Saad

Freelance Consultant

Rima Started her career at Solidere in the department of Communications as assistant manager where she developed her skills in marketing and communications strategies for the company.

Becoming a research director at Cushman & Wakefield was an added value to expand her career in developing studies for multinational retail shops and companies in Lebanon and UAE.

Then moved into retail and advertising working again with local and multinational companies in the MENA region, teaching at the universities of NDU and Balamand was a way to give back to society to transfer her experience to the students.

Gaining experience in education and business helped her expand her expertise in coaching and training working with companies, private businesses, start-ups and NGO (The Nawaya Network, Care International, Oxfam Badael) and offering pro bono training when asked.

Established her own business in beach wear accessories for kids and ladies, also she holds a BA in Advertising Marketing and MBA in Marketing.

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