Saydale Platform

Saydale is a B2C platform that aims to reduce the time spent by customers in pharmacies from minutes to seconds.

Why Saydale?

Pharmacies are the first-place people consider visiting when they fall ill. As first-line responders, pharmacists expose themselves to various illnesses, including ones that are highly dangerous and contagious such as COVID-19. By interacting extensively with patients, pharmacists increase their chances of contracting COVID-19, and by increasing the waiting times in pharmacies, pharmacies could become a source of communal spread for COVID-19. This threat becomes increasingly dangerous for patients with pre-existing conditions, especially for older patients.

With we can

  1. Reduce waiting times in pharmacies from minutes to seconds (Corona Prevention)
  2. Schedule pick-ups at specific times, while keeping the doors closed (Corona & Theft prevention)
  3. Boost pharmacies’ non-pharmaceutical sales


How it Works

  1. Customers send an Order Request;
  2. Saydale forwards the Order Request to the nearest pharmacies; 
  3. Pharmacies reply in return and schedule a pick-up; and
  4. Customers choose a pharmacy and pick up their bag at the scheduled time. 


Platform Implementation Progress

The Saydale platform is live, with some transactions. The platform aims to list all registered pharmacies, and all available pharmaceutical, and non-pharmaceutical products sold in pharmacies. The solution is already rolled-out and it has been developed using a third-party to prove the concept of this idea. Saydale aims to review the platform, once they prove traction in Lebanon.

The platform is split into three layers

  • Saydale Website & android mobile app: where the customers can upload a prescription or search the non-pharmaceutical products
  • Pharmacists’ Website: pharmacies can receive the order requests, send quotations and schedule a pickup
  • Admin Website


What’s Going on Now?

We launched on April 8, 2020

  • Social Media Campaigns
  • Targeted SMS to pharmacists (3200 pharmacies)
  • Contacted Dr. Ghassan Al Amine – President of the Order of Pharmacists of Lebanon


Next Steps
Legal Consultation, re-launching, and re-developing

  • Revalidate the application by the Order of Pharmacists of Lebanon, if needed.
  • Get legal consultation to understand the legality and the operational freedom of the platform in Lebanon.
  • Get technical support from a local experienced developer.

    Team Members

    Rasha Jadayel / Pharmaklik - CEO