Social Enterprise Cluster SAL (DBA M Social Catering)

M Social Catering (MSC) is a food social enterprise specializing in cooking and distributing healthy snacks and vacuum meals to schools, NGOs, and elderly centers. The meals and snacks are prepared in M Social Catering’s fully accessible industrial kitchen by persons with disabilities and individuals with financial challenges, supervised by a chef and a quality control manager.

MSC works on large-scale cost-efficient production using its industrial kitchen that can produce more than 2000 food items per day. Persons with disabilities and especially those who are suffering from dysphagia and have eating disorders can benefit from the mashed food solution provided by MSC.

Till date, MSC was able to partially equip its industrial kitchen, enabling it to produce up to 2,000 food units per day. MSC has collaborated for a full year with ISO consultants to prepare SOPs, trainings, and policies to take the ISO 22000 certification in 2023. The social catering accumulated throughout the years an important experience in food innovation, and food security. MSC received several awards and was selected for different grant support programs such as LDE, Med-UP, AL Fanar Venture Philanthropy, Mercy Corps, EBRD, and LEB CAAP.

    Team Members

    Samer Sfeir / Co-Founder

    Chantale Saade / Co-Founder

    Elie Matta / Co-Founder