Société Mirna s.a.r.l

Société Mirna s.a.r.l, established in 1996, is a Beirut Food Distribution company specializing in the production of various agri-food processed items such as Pickles, Makdous, Olives, and Chicken Breasts, and many more different products available within our production line.

In our pursuit of business expansion and the improvement of our production capabilities, the company acquired a manufacturing plant situated in Ferzoul, within the Zahle region of Lebanon. This strategic move resulted in a notable enhancement of the quality of our products, including pickles, olives, makdous, and since we are committed to ensuring the utmost safety and quality in our food products, when faced with a water crisis at the Ferzol plant, we made the strategic decision to relocate to Ras Baalback, our hometown. This move was driven by our dedication to maintaining the highest standards of production, prioritizing the health and safety of our valued clients. It is noteworthy that all our raw materials are organically and locally sourced from trusted suppliers, underscoring the personal and organic essence of our products.

    Team Members

    Toni Naddour / Founder & CEO

    Elias Naddour / Co-Founder