Sun Motion – Rafik Hariri University

This team is planning on placing a machine inside ambulances that controls the body of the paramedics to allow them do their work efficiently.

Problem Addressed

Paramedics inside the ambulance face several risks. One of the risks is the way the paramedic sits inside the ambulance while the ambulance is moving.

When applying CPR or any other process that needs accuracy and high concentration the paramedic needs to be fixed well in a specific position that allows him to make his job without the barriers that the ambulance will face (acceleration, deceleration, truing right-left or bumps).


Solution Proposed

So we will place a machine that controls the body of the paramedic to let him do his work efficiently with a specific mechanism to give the paramedic the stability in 3 dimensions in the X for acceleration and deceleration and Y for the turning right and left and in the Z for the bumps and the bad road conditions.


Target Market

The target market is specifically the ambulances whether they are for Redcross, civil defence, emergency and relief organization or any other organization that may use the ambulance.

    Team Members

    Mr. Ziad Al-Kurdi

    Mr. Loai Srouji