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The Mountain Farm

Dairy Products

The Mountain Farm is a small SME, producing a wide variety of artisanal hard, semi-hard, and soft cheese. All their products are made of 100% pure cow milk, without any additives. They produce several types of white and yellow cheese made of 100% pure fresh milk without additives, Such as Edam, Aged Cheddar, Beaufort, Saint Paulin, Kashkaval, Camembert, Baby Swiss, Seasonal types (wine cheese, beer cheese, pastis cheese, paprika flavored…) as well as the classical white cheese: mozzarella, halloumi, bulghari, accaoui.

Their mission is to produce artisanal, fine-tasting, and rich savoring high-quality cheese made in Lebanon. Aiming to reflect the unique flavors of traditional cheese from all over the world.

They are in the process of constructing a new facility in order to increase their production capacity and comply with international standards. They are currently seeking financial support to buy the needed machinery.

    Team Members

    Mireille Kallassy / R&D, Quality manager, co- founder