Upcycled is a startup that specializes in upcycling within the fashion industry. The process of upcycling involves taking existing materials, such as clothing, and repurposing them into new, more valuable items. In the case of Upcycled, they focus on taking their clients’ old or sentimental clothing items and transforming them into trendy and fashionable pieces.

Upcycling not only gives new life to clothing that may otherwise go unused, but it also helps companies and designers to be more efficient with their leftover materials. By repurposing these materials, they can reduce waste and cut down on the resources needed to produce new clothing. Upcycling also helps promote sustainable fashion, by giving new life to old clothes, rather than constantly producing new ones, it helps to minimize the ecological footprint. Upcycled offers a service that can be beneficial for both individuals and companies in the fashion industry who are looking to be more sustainable and responsible.

  • Upcycled was previously enrolled in the DAWERR Activity funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

Team Members

Rawan Hijazi / Co-founder

Amir Hijazi / Co-founder

Myra Baroudi / Co-founder