Zakie Karam

DON TELECOM - General Manager

Zakie Karam is the co-founder and the general manager of DON TELECOM since 2011. She is passionate about business development and growth and believes that a talented motivated team can only have the sky as limit for their achievements. She was able to increase the annual revenue by 40% in almost all the firms she worked at in the last 30 years.

This has attracted many international organizations and companies, small to big, to seek her mentorship and consultancy. Zakie is currently active on many boards in her community such as FabricAid and Geek Express and has been an angel investor with IM Capital for the last couple of years. She is a certified corporate director by IFC and a certified business angel and Deal Leader by Go Beyond.

She has computer science background and is an MBA graduate from ESA, affiliated to ESCP-EAP in Paris. She is passionate about technology, telecom, and IT industries, and therefore her vast experience with the most leading tech companies in the region such as ABS LTD. where she was the senior sales director for Middle East & Africa, Yahsat where she was the business director for YahCarrier, IDM International where she was the general manager, and many more.

Zakie believes that youth and women have an important role in driving positive change in our community. She consequently volunteers as a mentor with Confideo Lebanon Venture Mentoring based on MIT VMS and is an active committee member at Lebanese League for Women in Business.

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