5toi_4EWAS Project

Berytech is the local partner of the 5TOI_4EWAS.

The 5TOI_4EWAS project backs a very inclusive innovation policy implementation path as well as the Horizon 2020 objectives for encouraging the research and innovation cooperation between the Union and Southern Mediterranean Neighbourhood.

5TOI_4EWAS proposes a radically new way to generate innovation in the South Mediterranean Neighbourhood, based on the innovation ecosystem created by the Research 2 Innovation projects funded within the 7FP.

Under the Quintuple Helix Model, involving the widest possible range of stakeholders, the project focuses on three key challenges – Food, Energy and Water through the Nexus approach – as these issues are obviously at the top of the Research and Innovation agenda in MPC countries.

The project aims to enhance and support regional smart specialization and development by increasing research capacity, effective mobility of young innovators/researchers and shared knowledge to improve their participation in the EU research area. It aims to contribute to the establishment of favourable and stable conditions for international cooperation and the set-up of a Common Knowledge and Innovation Space of specialization in the SMN for a real socio-economic impact, based on co-ownership and mutual benefits.


5TOI aims

  • Support international Science and Innovation policy dialogue and cooperation on water, energy and food following NEXUS approach with co-design and co-ownership.
  • Foster international cooperation between EU-MPC focused on targeted open innovation in the energy, water and food sectors to increase the coordination and synergies between policies and programmes among both regions.
  • Set up a Common Knowledge and Innovation Space to achieve a collaborative R&I ecosystem in the Southern Mediterranean Neighborhood.
  • Raise awareness on targeted open innovation in the three strategic sectors among EU and MPC policy, research business and civil society communities as well as spread the relevance of international cooperation concepts for seizing common challenges and opportunities.

5TOI tools and key actions

  • The Joint Action Plan to jointly design international cooperation measures to support the improvement of research-policy coordination in the project domains to face societal challenges; and to better align the JAP with the inventory of cooperation.
  • The Nexus Think Tank in the MPC area to set up an experienced network to design the future paths for development to deal with relevant topics that can be solved by research, also in relation to potential political and policies paths
  • The Research & Thematic Committees to explore and to propose innovation policies in the MED countries to present the state of the art of existing policies in the target countries on selected topics so as to propose a renewal of existing policies to cope with societal challenges
  • Common Knowledge and Innovation Space to bridge the gap between research and innovation by creating opportunities for exchanging researchers and maximizing the value of research outputs with the final goal to contribute to regional growth and capacity building.
  • The Innovation Vouchers to increase the capacity of MPC researchers and innovators to get access to scientific excellence to ensure close synergies with the international dimension of the H2020 calls
  • The Research and Innovation H2020 Champions to enhance the Research and Innovation capacity of the MPC institutions to train key actors within MPC organizations with the objective to increase the Research and Innovation capacity of those institution and their networks.


For further information please visit the 5TOI website by clicking here.

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