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TRANSDAIRY Project brings Dairy Innovation to AFID2022

With the Agri-Food Innovation Days 2022 taking place in Beirut last March, the TRANSDAIRY project took part in this unique event gathering stakeholders in the agri-food sector. Multiple activities were organized during the event to demonstrate research in the Dairy Value Chain, discuss trending topics in the sector, showcase innovative businesses, and connect them to buyers, experts, and potential investors.

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ZOOM IN: LVPx, Upcycling & Customized Embroidery

LVPx is an upcycling and embroidery service where clients can send their clothes or home-wear and get them uniquely hand-embroidered by female artisans living in Beirut. Clients can customize colors and placements before the items are returned to them beautifully packaged and uniquely revived.  

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Dairy tech open day visual

Dairy Tech Open Day

The Dairy Tech Open day hosted entrepreneurs and startups who showcased their innovative solutions in the dairy industry to the public and presented a great knowledge and networking opportunity for innovators, independent farmers and farming industries, university students, alumni, researchers, SMEs and NGOs. They also were part of a pitching session where they presented their innovations.

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ZOOM IN: Lebamoz, Valorizing Banana Waste

Lebamoz collect wasted banana stems and process them into fibers, yarns, and fabrics creating locally produced natural and sustainable raw materials for both local and international markets. Their labor-intensive process empowers rural communities, increases farmer income, and reduces waste and carbon footprint.

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