Zero Waste Stores, do they really work?

Lebanon’s first zero waste supermarket has recently opened its doors in Hamra. The concept of a zero waste store is not new – it started in Europe around a decade ago-but it has been gaining popularity as the devastating effects of plastic waste-most of which comes from food packaging- has become more prevalent.

The idea of a zero waste store is that minimal to no plastic packaging is used. Dry goods are sold loose in bags and customers fill up their own reusable containers with what they need. Fruits and vegetables are sold fresh and there are no canned foods. Even shampoos and personal care items are available in solid bars.

The article points out a few challenges with this model including food waste (since some food items can go stale if left in the open air for too long) and difficulties in the supply chain (suppliers still use plastic packaging to deliver the items to the retail stores which defies the concept of zero waste).

Still it is a worthy idea and we recommend checking out the zero waste store in Lebanon to form your own opinion.

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