Immigrants and their challenges

With the war in Syria still not nearing an end, and other conflicts making many countries unsafe to live in, the number of refugees and immigrants around the world is increasing. The article deals with mainly Mexican immigrants in the United States who have moved into rural areas and outlines the challenges they face there.

Rural areas are especially attractive for immigrants since they have access to a lot of jobs, especially in agriculture. This is because citizens tend to leave these areas in search of better jobs and opportunities for a more fun lifestyle in urban areas. When this happens rural areas are not only left with few people to do the farm work, but also there is little activity to keep the economy active. Immigrants hence act as labor and also spend money in these areas, revitalizing the economy to some extent. However, they face several challenges.

Although the article is talking about Mexican immigrants to the US, a lot of parallels can be drawn regarding immigrants to our part of the world.

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