No Market for Milk

Conventional milk has been facing heavy competition from organic and grassfed milk for a long time as consumers opted for more natural and healthy foods. A significant number of producers had switched to producing organic milk, explaining that although the initial investments were high, the returns were significantly more than those of conventional milk.

More recently, however, even organic and grassfed milk have been facing challenges for several reasons. The most significant one is that organic milk is being cheaply produced in certain areas of the US, such as Texas, which is cutting their selling price-the articles casts doubt on the methods of production used for cheap organic milk claiming that they may not be following standards.

Another reason organic milk is suffering is because of competition from plant-based milk which is finding a growing market.

The milk industry in Lebanon is growing, with Go Baladi goat milk recently entering the market as did several versions of lactose free milk. It would be good to keep an eye on the challenges facing organic milk, to see if there can be lessons learned for our local milk.

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