Real Case Challenge: Chateau Kefraya

Case Challenge #1
Automatic inspection of empty and filled bottles:

Objective: Having only faultless products to reach the points of sale. 

Similar instruments already exists in the market but they are quite expensive. I imagine two camera on the filling line automatically connected to a software (Cloud based or else) and connected to the Fault button of the machine. If any undesired particle is detected in the bottle, it will directly alert the operators by stopping the machine. In addition, another option could be integrated: automatic bottle counting, Lot number, number of corks, caps,… Daily automatic work report.

This solution could be interesting for small to medium size producers.

Case Challenge #2

Smart Viticulture

  1. Smart Viti To All:

Objective: Adapt existing equipment for precision viticulture 

The high initial investment and the presence of existing equipment is an obstacle for the adoption of smart viticulture. Some producers already have their existing equipment, sometimes new one. The possibility to find simple solutions to adapt existing spreaders and sprayers would be an interesting solution toward the possibility of usage of smart viticulture practices. Mapping the parcels is an initial step before the adoption of smart viticulture.

  1. Smart Pruning:

Objective: Improve the work precision to the grapevine level, positive impact on productivity and wine quality 

After mapping different zones in the vineyard, a simple GPS guided system on smartphone (In addition to precision localization) would help to give pruning orders (precise the number of buds to leave on each grapevine). More precision at work. This opportunity for the localization of each grapevine will have several other usage.

  1. Treatment monitoring:

Objective: Adapt the vineyard treatment to the sensibility of each zone (Precision viticulture) 

Smart installation of IoT sensors (Reduce the number of sensor to have the same efficiency) to be able to use disease monitoring models. The data from will be used by the smart sprayers.

  1. Drone Personal Assistant

Objective: Smart drone as Personal assistant for the vineyard manager

A Smart Drone that go to the field to make sure that the working instructions and productivity are as initially requested by the vineyard manager. The drone can count the number of workers, take pictures, and alert in case of any unusual problem. In addition, this drone, by going through the vineyard, can detect diseases, deficiencies, slow growth etc…