Real Case Challenge: Difaf

Difaf is a consultancy and technical design bureau born in 2014 in Lebanon from a team of engineers, natural scientists, and policy experts. Our mission is to identify activities and assess impacts on water and environmental systems, and to design, implement, and monitor engineering solutions using appropriate technologies in order to promote better natural resources conservation, management, and restoration. We are eager to deliver proficient cross-disciplinary work tailored for resilient localized successes. Difaf bridges the gap between science and policy, and to deliver measurable and direct improvements in water and environmental resource management.

Case Challenge #1

Restaurants waste food by the tons every day. Good food gets thrown into garbage disposals. The waste is varied in terms of type,quantities, time of day and seasonality. Restaurants have little space for individual treatment and management. Organize a system for restaurant food waste management and treatment through composting or biogas.

Case Challenge #2

Organise a collaborative business model where: collection, transport and treatment operations are systematized, treatment occurring at one location, all stakeholders benefiting financially (or other..) from waste disposal or treatment by-products, O&M is sustainable. By-products could include all or some of the following: biogas, compost, fertilized water, more food.