Real Case Challenge: Green Studios

Greenstudios aims on bringing life to cities by initiating agricultural innovations through the help of smart automated systems that allow people from all domains to operate a live garden with minimal maintenance and attention. By developing sensors and programs that can keep you connected you to a farm, vertical garden or roof garden anywhere in the world. People can have the opportunity to manage and operate their own micro garden to their own satisfaction, regardless of their skills in the field of agriculture.

Case Challenge

Essential agricultural household needs from a day to day basis are neglected in our society due to several factors. Agricultural Engineers and farmers face major challenges to produce a high quality high yield product which eventually don’t sell at a profitable margin. Engineers are constantly developing new technologies to produce more and more with low consideration into market studies that can boost their profits. Lack of knowledge from consumers for seasonal harvests, types of farming techniques being used, and ideal (close by) locations of agricultural fields is a major set back for this social negligence.

During the regular cycle of farm to fork operations, farmers and consumers coexist in a disconnected environment. Farmers have no market demand study to follow and consumers are almost unaware of market supply.

Generally, farmers produce what is commonly known to be highest in demand/price. Yet when it comes to selling, competitive prices dominate the market and farmers end up with devastating losses after a long season of hard work.

Consumers on the other end, are always interested in uncommon produce that may not be easily available, yet lack major information and access to it.

Limitations and challenge today:

Farmers are unable to profit from seasons of crops due to lack of statistical analysis of the market demands and supplies. Essential products are being neglected due to lack of profits, mostly due to middle man commissions and insufficient information consumer needs.

It is essential for consumers to be connected on a higher scale with suppliers, in which they can manage their monthly household requirements in advance by being directly connected!

The ideal solution aims to solve this problem by:

This dilemma of how to connect the farm to fork requires developed technology that allows both farmers and consumers to have a beneficial relationship. Demand & Supply for agricultural products should be clear enough in order to provide both teams with a mutual benefit.


Develop a conceptual idea for urban/suburban farming techniques that allow consumers to have a direct connection with producers. Smart apps, urban farms, social networking and other techniques are the modern methods for connecting people in different locations, fields of work and social classes.