Real Case Challenge: Unifert

Unifert sal

Unifert provides comprehensive solutions to the agricultural industry by :

Offering Integrated Crop Management solutions by supplying Hybrid Seeds, Pest Control programs, Plant Nutrition programs, fully controlled Irrigation & Fertigation systems and Landscaping services in addition to all other agricultural needs …..

Offering farmer technical support and Extension Programs via 25 well experienced TCP’s “Techno-Commercial Promoters” through recommending the use of the right product at the right time

Introducing the up-to-date innovated materials such as Bio-pesticides and Bio-fertilizers, advanced hybrid seeds and bio-stimulants.

Introducing safe and Eco-friendly products. Going Green and Embracing Nature.

Case Challenge
  • Adverse weather conditions and water scarcity are highly affecting farmers by:
    • Not planting on the right time, hence facing lots of constraints.
    • Achieving lower income due to lower yield quantity and quality wise.
    • Increasing pests and disease infestations causing great losses.
    • Wasting of materials such as fertilizers, pesticides, etc…
    • Replacing high quality Agri-Products by cheap, generic or counterfeited products
    • Delaying their dues and many are going Bankruptcy
    • Abandoning and or selling their lands for construction & other urban uses etc….

The current operations model and current scenario

  • Farmers follow specific traditional predictable agricultural practices in order to perform their task. However with the climate changes complexes, those practices are no more predictable like plowing time, pests and disease infestation, water precipitation levels, temperature variations. 

Limitations and challenge today

  • The Farmer is being confused and the agricultural sector is going into chaos. Dealing with farmers is becoming more difficult.
  • Unifert business is jeopardized:
    • Unsecured sales and working under High risks
    • Over financing the agriculture sector
    • Not being able to meet farmer’s needs on time
    • Facing over stockage of goods in our warehouses.
  • Data on current situation: 
  • Failure of Apple season during 2015-2016 due to apple scab disease
  • Mediterranean Fruit Fly is causing big losses on citrus and many other crops 
  • Seeds virus breakout due to loss of resistance brought by climate changes. Example Tobamo virus damage.
  • No more regular precipitations. Either Flood or Drought 


To innovate a Smart Phone Mobile Application that could provide farmers with consolidated weather forecast data, disease and pest alerts helping to minimize adverse weather damages. This application to be linked to Unifert Customer Service Platform which will be ready to offer Integrated Crop Management solutions.