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Kenza Kitchen

Kenza Kitchen is a startup working on creating vegetable-flavored wraps using local organic or natural vegetables and fruits.


Remer is a mixed culture of naturally occurring beneficial organisms that can be applied as soil inoculants.


Whitelogs promotes mushroom cultivation by providing products and services for mushroom farmers, focusing on medicinal mushrooms to produce medicinal mushroom products.   

Little Melly

Little Melly is a startup working on creating freshly-made and additive-free baby food making fresh and healthy baby food accessible to today's busy yet health-conscious parents.     


Legendairy is a startup working on plant-based dairy alternative produce that makes plant-based dairy accessible, affordable, and optimal for consumers.


Brisky is a startup working on making pre-cooked and dehydrated meals with an extended shelf life and no preservatives.

Crowdfarming Lebanon

Crowdfarming Lebanon is a digital crowdfunding platform aiming to provide farmers with an alternative source of funding for their projects.


NaturaChem is a contract research organization and a professional consulting firm.


Xtend has created an organic solution that aims to extend the shelf-life of fresh products.

Grains and Pulses

Grains and Pulses is a startup working on producing healthy and convenient products using innovative technology.

Yummi Tummi

Yummi Tummi is a startup dedicated to produce healthy, nutritious, and additive-free baby food, based on the Lebanese cuisine.


mothers’cooking is a friendly mobile app through which users can order their favorite nearby home-cooked meals.

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