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Abed Rahman Sayed

Community Engagement Coordinator

Abed Rahman Sayed joined Berytech in February 2022 as the Community Engagement Coordinator. He handles the social media platforms of Berytech, helps in the Communications and Outreach department activities, manages community posts, and internal programs within the Department.

Abed is a social media expert, he spends most of his time discussing, researching and learning about the most important social topics and services.  He also finds creative and distinctive ways to communicate with audiences. Abed works well under pressure and provides solutions fast to problems.

Abed graduated from City University with a bachelor’s degree in Interior Design, he is fluent in Arabic and English. He created his own digital agency, Success Mania, and shifted his career to work in the digital industry. Abed had the chance to build a strong portfolio of clients and co-founded an Arabic news journal, Loubnan Arabi. He had the opportunity to handle his university’s communication and lead their social media into an informative and engaging platform for students. In parallel, Abed has four years of experience in event planning and organizing summer touristic activities. He was also a trainer at INJAZ, giving courses on Business ethics, How to build your company, and was awarded by Intel. Abed holds as well a certification from the Google Analytics Academy.

Abed is a very generous, dynamic and kind person, he loves to cook, eat, and meet new people. He enjoys camping, hiking, discovering hidden gems, football and basketball. Abed plays chess which he thinks is a great way to enhance creativity. He was a proud scout member for more than 10 years.

Abed has a sweet tooth with a passion for Arabic sweets! so you can always seek his guidance on any Arabic delicacies.

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