Adam Sleiman

Program Manager

Adam Sleiman joined Berytech in April 2022 as the Program Manager for the Rural Entrepreneurs in Agrifood (REAF) program. He graduated in June 2009 from the Lebanese American University (LAU) majoring in Finance & Monetary policies. During his university years, Adam volunteered at the electronic resource center at LAU and was a member of the debate club.

Adam currently holds more than 12 years of experience in both the corporate and humanitarian sectors. He started his career as a banker and moved up the ladder to become regional coordinator with the mid-market division then moved on to manage the asset and deposit portfolio of high-net-worth individuals.

During his fifth year at the bank, he started to volunteer with some local NGOs and got exposed to the world of emergency response and development projects. Stemmed by his affinity for community service, he took the drastic decision to leave his job and pursue this path.

Adam volunteered and got to intern with different local NGOs and the Chamber of Commerce until he landed a job at Mercy Corps working with UNICEF to build the capacity of local NGOs and SDC offices of the Ministry of Social affairs. After the termination of the project, he co-founded a local NGO “Ready for tomorrow” which secured three pilot projects on GBV, child labor and freedom of speech during its first 9 months. By mid-2019, Adam was shortlisted for a Senior Project Officer vacancy at SPARK to manage the employability and entrepreneurship components funded by different EU and GCC donors. In early 2020, he was promoted to Country Representative and Program Lead for SPARK Lebanon.

Adam also managed the Orange knowledge program funded by Nuffic as Senior Advisor in Lebanon with Verje University Amsterdam. The program tackles the lack of new teaching methods at the TVET level (Technical schools), teachers were provided with virtual learning environment training on different platforms. The project also provided faculty staff and students with social entrepreneurship skills training and psychosocial support to youth in rural areas.

Adam still volunteers with different NGOs like Qudurat which aims to support other local NGOs to develop their capabilities and works pro bono with an e-gaming start-up supporting their financial modeling as well as scouting and relationship building with brands for partnerships and white labeling.

In his free time Adam enjoys hiking and exploring new trails with his dog, he’s also a history buff and enjoys long cohesive conversations. Adam has an affinity for education and is always at the forefront of connecting ecosystem players to co-design impactful programs that link education, entrepreneurship, and job creation to alleviate the livelihood of youth.

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