Alissar Al Khoury

Accelerator Junior Program Coordinator

Alissar Al-Khoury joined Berytech in June 2023 as the Accelerator Junior Program Coordinator in the Innovation Hub, a role that perfectly aligns with her passion for supporting startups at various stages of their journey toward success. With a diverse background encompassing Data Analysis, Bioinformatics, and Business Information Systems, Alissar brings a unique blend of technical expertise and business insight to her role.

Her entrepreneurial spirit shines through as she has successfully led 2 businesses, demonstrating her determination and drive to excel in the business world. She has immersed herself in numerous industries, including impactful work in Data Analytics with the Lebanese Red Cross, valuable contributions to the Lebanese American University (LAU) – Advisory Board and Consulting Projects (local and abroad). Since embarking on her journey with startups, Alissar has supported over 40 ventures, from their initial idea stages to helping them evolve into thriving SMEs seeking further growth and expansion.

As an advocate for knowledge transfer and skill development accompanied by her deep understanding of market dynamics, she has conducted numerous workshops on essential topics such as “Go-to-Market” strategies, Business Model Development, Market Research & Competitive Analysis and Pitching.

Outside of her career, Alissar has a diverse range of hobbies and interests. She loves group sports, whether it’s playing soccer, basketball, or any other team sport. She finds immense joy in building strong bonds with her teammates. A dedicated sports fan, Alissar’s enthusiasm extends to the world of automobiles and motorcycles. She cherishes every opportunity to experience the adrenaline rush that comes from riding in powerful cars or motorcycles.

Her passion for outdoor adventures complements her interest in discovering new regions through cycling. This love for exploration comes from her curiosity and openness, which she applies to her work with startups, fostering an innovative and adaptive mindset. Alissar describes herself as a bundle of adventure, teamwork, and a passion for whatever she does!

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