Anthony Chedid

Country Coordinator

Anthony Chedid joined Berytech in September 2020 and is currently the Country Coordinator for the WE4F MENA Regional Innovation Hub. He coordinates daily between all stakeholders within the consortium using the tech tools available. As part of Anthony’s role, he supports the Head of Grants and Controls in setting policies and procedures, as well as making sure they are well respected. Additionally, he shadows the Investment team to prepare the innovators for investment readiness. During events, Anthony takes care of logistical tasks that lead to successful outcomes.

Living between the US and Lebanon, Anthony has had wide exposure to many cultures. He graduated from LAU with a Hospitality and Tourism Management degree while working at a 5-star hotel. His background in hospitality, as well as his love for nature, led him to have an interest in agriculture which he pursues during his free time.

Since graduating, Anthony worked at a startup, which was located in Berytech BDD1294. He later moved to Flat6Labs and ArabNet where he was exposed to VCs, angel networks, founders, and many startups. Listening to innovators’ problems and helping them solve the issues at hand quickly became his passion. Berytech combined both his passions for supporting startups and agricultural practices.

Since a young age, Anthony has been passionate about social issues such as freedom of speech, a clean environment, economic development, and education. These values are what drive him to work on projects that help the people around him and in society.

Anthony likes to make people’s lives better and does what he can to do so; whether it’s helping them with their tasks or putting a smile on someone’s face, he wants to spread positive energy however possible. He keeps a positive attitude by playing music, going on nature trips, playing sports, and spending time with family.

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