Carla Saba

Deputy GM for Operations and Sites

Carla Saba joined Berytech in November 2019 as Deputy General Manager – Operations and Sites. Her experience resides in conceptualizing ideas, seizing opportunities, building operations, leading successful new business development initiatives and ventures, managing mergers and acquisitions, and securing financing in different sectors and countries.

She comes from the Telecommunications industry where she last served as the Executive Vice-President for an international telecom provider of services and high-value turnkey solutions to public and private entities in the Middle East and Africa. In this role, she negotiated and secured several exclusive licenses and management contracts, developed and executed strategic plans for GSM operations in four countries and grew the business to achieve a yearly turnover of multi-million dollars, while providing liaison with telecom stakeholders, high-level policymakers, government officers, telecom law firms, and senior executives in the telecom industry.

Previously, she held several operational roles leading to a rapid promotion to COO position in a family investments office operating in the Middle East and African region and managing a portfolio of multi-million dollars investments projects in different sectors. Carla developed the group’s vision, strategic intent, and investment criteria for investments in different sectors and countries. She also managed the investment team that sourced over 20 potential deals annually, developed feasibility studies, conducted due diligence, and recommended transactions to the Board for execution, based on ROIs and risk matrix criteria.

Carla started her career in the Consulting and Training field where she conducted several consulting engagements, prepared audit and consulting reports, and delivered several public and in-house training seminars and workshops in the management field mainly.

Fluent in English, French and Arabic and holding a BA degree in Business Administration from the American University of Beirut and an MBA from the Lebanese American University, Carla has spent more than a decade roaming around several countries in the Middle East and African region and dealing closely with Presidents, Prime Ministers, Ministers, Regulators and top Government officials on regulatory and industry development programs and initiatives, thus bringing back exposure and broad advisory expertise of reference to her home country Lebanon.  


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