Chila El Bourgi

Talent Management Specialist

Chila El-Bourgi joined Berytech in April 2018 and is currently the Talent Management Specialist, responsible for the development and implementation strategies to attract, select, retain, and develop employees within the organization.

Born in Lebanon, Chila was raised in Canada and holds the dual Lebanese Canadian nationality. Very fond of her Lebanese roots, she decided to move back to Lebanon in 2018 after more than 25 years in Canada where she spent most of her childhood, teenage, and young adult life.

In Canada, she spent more than 13 years in the Canadian Armed Forces Reserve where she was regularly promoted to reach the rank of Captain in 2013 while acting as an HR & Training Officer.

In parallel to her career in the army, Chila pursued a career in HR and got the chance to work and contribute to several organizations in the private and public sectors in various industries including insurance, travel, and government agencies.

Before occupying the Talent Management Specialist role at Berytech, Chila has been overseeing the organization and coordination of all the activities of the Business Support & Development department. This included managing various trainings, workshops, and competitions, designing, planning, and overseeing the implementation of networking events, besides contributing to the development of various support and incubation programs and initiatives. Her role also included building and nurturing relationships with various types of stakeholders in the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Lebanon.

Chila holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Concordia University in Montreal. She is fond of traveling, exploring various types of cuisines, and is skilled at artistic ice-skating.


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