Eliane Mady

Investment Specialist

Eliane Mady joined Berytech in October 2023 as an Investment Specialist. With a rich background spanning nine years in the banking sector specifically in Commercial Lending, she has cultivated expertise in facilitating loans for large and medium-sized enterprises across a wide spectrum of Industries.

Before her tenure at Berytech, Eliane served as a Senior Account Manager at Credit Libanais SAL. She played a pivotal role in the financial success of countless well-established companies. Eliane guided them in securing the most appropriate types of loans to sustain and grow their businesses.

Her primary responsibilities encompassed prospecting and identifying potential customers to develop new business, providing a quality credit analysis and assessment, spreading and analyzing financial statements, and submitting a comprehensive credit presentation to the credit committee.

Eliane is a graduate of Notre Dame University with a Bachelor Degree in Banking and Finance; in addition, she holds an MBA degree in Management from Sagesse University.

A dedicated mother to Sofia, Eliane is an optimistic individual who enjoys quality time with her family and friends, enjoys adventure activities and fitness classes.

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