Elias Chahine

IT Coordinator

Elias Chahine joined Berytech in April 2023 and is currently the IT Coordinator leveraging over a decade of extensive experience in Information Technology. His journey in IT is marked by a steadfast dedication to mastering various domains, including network administration, systems management, and technical support.

Within Berytech, Elias occupies a crucial position, ensuring the seamless operation of the organization’s IT infrastructure while facilitating coordination across multiple sites. His responsibilities include optimizing network configurations, implementing robust cybersecurity measures, and upholding the highest standards of efficiency and security.

Elias is recognized for his proactive approach and commitment to staying updated with the latest technologies. His continuous efforts to drive innovation and streamline IT processes contribute significantly to Berytech’s ongoing success.
Beyond his professional endeavors, Elias maintains a keen interest in exploring emerging technologies and enjoys spending quality time by the sea in his hometown, Chekka.

Elias is eager to deploy his expertise and dedication in his role at Berytech and is looking forward to new challenges and opportunities, further enhancing the organization’s IT capabilities and supporting its overarching objectives.

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