Elise Sfeir

Elise Sfeir

Senior Programs Coordinator

Elise Sfeir joined Berytech in November 2021 as a Senior Programs Coordinator. She holds a master’s degree in architecture from the Holy Spirit University of Kaslik (USEK) and worked for 5 years as a project architect in a multinational consultancy firm. She assisted in the design development of mega projects and more specifically international airports.

In parallel, she worked on a double master’s degree in Entrepreneurship and Project Management at Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers (CNAM) where she discovered her passion for entrepreneurship and innovation which led her to challenge herself to be eventually a startup founder. This journey made her build a strong entrepreneurial mindset and through several volunteering commitments, she acquired well-rounded skills in creating and implementing outreach activities.

Elise always seeks new opportunities and challenges to grow her skills and move forward in her career. She participated in Schoolab – Paris incubation program, won with her team the DEEL competition, and was a finalist of the FFE and Kiri Mompreneur competitions. She earned online certifications in Inspirational Leadership from HEC Paris, and Project Management Principles & Practices from UCI Irvine.

Elise is a very creative, dynamic, and people-oriented person. She is strongly committed to making a positive change in her country. She has a high interest in learning Lebanon’s history, which she believes is part of her identity and she is engaged to help build the Lebanon she dreams of. Joining Berytech and working on environmental and social impact in Lebanon and the region is giving her the opportunity to do so.

What she needs in life is coffee friends and music! She loves cooking, baking, traveling, and … coffee!

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