Georges Farah

Program Officer

Georges Farah joined Berytech in May 2024 as the Program Officer for Partners Growth and Idealab programs. He graduated with a degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Balamand where he specialized in sustainable development and research.

He has a diverse background ranging from project management from his years working as a consultant supervising sites to research and development from his years at UOB working on geopolymer concrete.

Georges is an Idealab alumni who participated in batch 2 where he gained insight and experience on what entrepreneurship is and what it can do to change the world.

He is passionate about innovation and sustainability which led him to Idealab where he realized he not only wanted to make a difference himself but also help and uplift people to succeed and make a positive impact.

Georges loves cooking and baking, he likes spending time in the kitchen cooking for people, he loves that food brings people together and how cooking for someone is an expression of endearment. He also enjoys spending time in nature hiking as well as watching series and spending time with family and friends.

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